InSitu is a Woodstock based creative space: primarily a site of production in the fine arts of drawing, painting and sculpture, we also host shows and art related events. Formalised in 2019 out of a desire to create a independent/communal studio and exhibition space for a dynamic group of artists, and as a home for the Untitled teaching practice. For people who want to own art and have it be a part of their lives, the space invites you to connect directly with practicing artists. Come visit. If you see any work here you like then feel free to get in touch and introductions can be made!



Used Paint ran from the 7th to the  20th December 2019.

The second of our studio exhibitions, the show focussed on paintings that emphasised the material aspect of painting as a vehicle for meaning, thought and feeling rather than an antiquated mode of picture making. The show featured work by Loraine Boyle, Alexia Smit

Participating artists include: Loraine Boyle, Di Burger, Clare Burgess, Hory Bwens, Douglas Gimberg, Lindy von Hasselt, Peter Hobday, Georgina Jaffee, Colin Kahanovitz,  Michelle Kuttel, Zsuzsa Kandra, Suzanne Leighton, Barbara Lewis, Jeff Liss, Jeanne Pfaff, Alexia Smit, Evon Smuts, Jenna Wessels, Paul Whelan, Melanie Widan and others.

IMAGES FROM Description Without Place

Description without Place ran from the 22nd to the  26th June 2019.

The exhibition takes its title from the Poem by Wallace Stevens, as encountered in the context of Alain Badiou's theory of contemporary art: The conflict between being and appearance takes the central place in his philosophy, a relationship particularly fraught in the history (and more so in the  present) of representational art. It is this dynamic, as well as Badiou's declaration that the imperative of contemporary art is to speak the unspeakable, or give shape to that which exists as of yet unrecognized, that provides the framework for the presentation of works produced for the show or curated from the archives.


Participating artists include: Loraine Boyle, Di Burger, Clare Burgess, Hory Bwens, Bronwen Carr, Douglas Gimberg, Andrew Graham, Lindy von Hasselt, Leroux Hofmeyr, Georgina Jaffee, Colin Kahanovitz,  Lungisa Kala, James de Knoop, Michelle Kuttel, Zsuzsa Kandra, Suzanne Leighton, Barbara Lewis, Jeff Liss, Nøde, Jeanne Pfaff, Conrad Pienaar, Otto du Plessis, Trevor Potter, Cindy Postlethwayt, Emil Rutenberg, Andre Serfontein, Yoram Shabat, Christine Silkstone,  Adrienne Silva, Anthony Smith, Evon Smuts, Benjamin Stanwix, Johan Steyn, Stanislaw Trzebinski, Lynette Varkel, Andre Vlok, Jenna Wessels, Paul Whelan, Melanie Widan and others.


The studio produces and exhibits a dynamic range of art works rigorous in form and content. As part of an ideology of Art for Life,  we encourages direct interaction with artists rather than through other gatekeepers of fashion. Works are available for purchase at prices much more reasonable than those of the Gallery so get in touch if you see anything of interest to enliven your home or decorate your walls.

Zsuzsa Kandra, Saunders Rock Beach, 72 x
72 x 50,
Zsuzsa Kandra, Catanie Scagliera, 100 x
Suzanne Leighton, Baviaans River, Hout B
Ory Bwens, Trust, Your Choice, 50 x 67,
Melanie Widan, The EFF Word, 30 x 40, oi
Loraine Boyle, Triptych, 170 x 185, oil,
Melanie Widan, After the Fire, 47 x 55,
Jenna Wessels, Heroine, 44 x 60 oil 2016
Jeanne Pfaff, Twilight Scape, 76 x 47 oi
Jeanne Pfaff, English Summer, 53 x 53 oi
Jeanne Pfaff, A Purposed Still Life, 62
Evon Smuts, Material Remains I, 76 x 92,
Alexia Smit, Portrait of Ishmael, oil, 4
Evon Smuts, Material Culture I-II, 21 x
Zsuzsa Kandra Kelp
Paul Whelan Land
Paul Whelan Ory
Lynette Varkel Head
Adrienne Silva  It is Always a Balancing
Adrienne Silva  No Words  1200 x 900 mm
Brian Booth Craig Pheonix Interlude 2018
Barbara Lewis  Reflections  800 x 600 mm
Christine Silkstone  Within the Moment
Jeff Liss  Nude I  540 x 420 Oil on canv
Jeff Liss  Nude II  540 x 420 Oil on can
Jeff Liss  Nude III  540 x 420 Oil on ca
J. Liss Reclining Nude
Reclining Nude 425x700mm R3000
Jenna Wessels Fill Me Up 91 x 76
Jenna Wessels Place Without Description
Le Roux Hofmeyr  Intimate Symbiosis  (12
Melanie Widan  Bob  310 x 405 mm Oil and
Melanie Widan  Diamonds in the Rough I 3
Melanie Widan  Diamonds in the Rough II
Melanie Widan  Diamonds in the Rough III
Melanie Widan  Diamonds in the Rough IV
Melanie Widan  Diamonds in the Rough V
Michelle Kuttel  A specimen of inappropr
Michelle Kuttel  She has the eyes of Cal
Michelle Kuttel The soul of a teenage gi
Susan Liebermann  The Pink Container  16
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Michelle Kuttel The soul of a teenage gi