Oil Painting

The cost for this weekly class is

R 340 per person per session/ R 3250 per term. Any missed classes can be made up in a subsequent term.

Class is on Tuesday or Saturday morning  from 9 am - 2 pm. Groups are limited to 8 people so booking in advance is essential.

InSitu, 4th Floor, 199-203 Albert Rd. Woodstock

First Term

Tuesday: 26/01 - 30/03

Saturday: 06/02 - 03/04

Second Term

Tuesday: 13/04 - 15/06

Saturday: 17/04 - 19/06

Classes are limited to 8 people so that there is plenty of space for the purposes of maintaining a safe and comfortable environment. All equipment is disinfected between classes.


This is a class for people wanting to learn and practise the fine art of oil painting. 

Classes are not coordinated around a set curriculum, instead we work with individuals according to their specific needs and are open to all those wanting to learn and practice the rich techniques of oil painting while pursuing their own particular interests and concerns (in terms of subject and application).

We support people in developing creative visual strategies, confidence and competence with the technical aspects of working in oils, and workshop ideas to establish rigorous thinking in the art making process where desired.

The class runs from 9am to 2 pm, the studio provides easels, side tables and space to store the painting you’re working on and your box of materials for the time between classes.


Tel: +27 83 9595394 

Email: Douglas@untitled. africa

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