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Untitled grew out of Julia Teale's remarkable Spencer Street Studio, the longstanding Cape Town institution, expanding to include sculpture in 2018, and finally condensing into the art space that it now is: a studio with a focus on contemporary figurative & representational art in the disciplines of painting, drawing and sculpture.

The school has a firm foundation in the technical and observational, and aims at skills transfer and the production of works that are rigorous in form and thought without being limited by the academic tradition.


Untitled is a modest institution that aims not to overshadow the work of those involved, and to do everything possible to nurture each individual's art within the context of a dynamic group environment, regardless of the level at which they start. The school draws on many years of experience and the special expertise of a growing group of professionals and teachers.

In addition to the workshops and weekly classes, Untitled also provides a consultation service. This is aimed at practicing artists needing to overcome deadlocks in the work, or for those wanting a critical and well-informed eye in anticipation of a show.

Part of the ideology of Untitled is to bring art making and art appreciation closer to life, and to make it a greater part of the lives of many. The studio, InSitu, is home to a number of practicing artists, always open for a visit, and a space for art events and exhibitions. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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[Exhibitions at Studio InSitu]

Used Paint, an exhibition exploring the material aspects of painting as a vehicle for thought, meaning and feeling. December 2019.

Description Without Place, a large group show featuring painting, sculpture, drawing and design from Untitled and the periphery launched InSitu in June 2019

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[Open Studio Practise]


Untitled is very pleased to announce a new Open Studio policy, whereby artists without studios can make use of the InSitu teaching studio and infrastructure outside of formal workshop time. This is a perfect feature for people in need of space to create but without the expensive commitment of a private studio. It comes with the benefit of working in a community of practicing artists for those who are not in need of any formal tuition per se.


This grants people full access four days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday).

R 800 p/m

InSitu, 4th floor 199-203 Albert Rd. Woodstock.


[figure sculpting workshop 1.20]

25/02 - 12/03

Sculpture is a wonderful way to engage with the body creatively, and to engage meaningfully with objects in space.

8 sessions, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7-10 pm.

R 3300 for the workshop including ceramic clay and tools.

InSitu, 4th floor 199-203 Albert Rd. Woodstock.


[The Art of Drawing]

30/01 - 02/04

Drawing is the foundation for all the other arts, a remarkable means of honing hand-eye coordination, and the most immediate way to record and communicate complex ideas from inside and out.


10 sessions, Thursday mornings 9 - 12 am.

R 3100 excluding materials or R 330 'drop-in' rate.

InSitu, 4th floor 199-203 Albert Rd. Woodstock

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[The Fine Art of Painting ]

28/01 - 31/03

01/02 - 04/04

Oil Painting is an extraordinary and enduring artform that engages one's thoughts and vision in the creation of new reflections on the world.

10 sessions, Tuesday or Saturday from 9 am to 3.30 pm.

R 3100 excluding materials or R 330 per 'drop-in'.

InSitu, 4th floor 199-203 Albert Rd. Woodstock.

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Email: Douglas@untitled. africa

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