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Julia Teale

Julia has a PhD in Fine Art (Painting) and extensive experience teaching at formal tertiary institutions and establishing independent creative spaces such as Spencer Street Studio, which later evolved into Insitu, a teaching studio run by long-time collaborator and artist, Douglas Gimberg. 

Returning to Cape Town, Julia is offering a series of workshops, one-to-one consultations, and group discussions to cultivate and expand creative pathways for those who seek to enrich their visual arts practices.



The cost for this class is

R 350 per person per session.

Term starts on the 8st of August and continues until the 5th October.

Thursday afternoon 1 - 4 pm  or

Saturday afternoon 3 - 6 pm 

R 350 per session

InSitu, 1st floor 3 Hopkins Street, Salt River.


Contact Julia: +27 834103460 


or Click the link below

Topical introduction and group discussion.

Positive critical discussion is supported by a robust engagement with the practices, theories and philosophies informing both historical and contemporary visual art.  This equips creatives with their own unique toolset for evolving their practice and overcoming habits of thinking/making that limit their potential.

Each group discussion will be introduced by a relevant topic presented as a lecture that connects contemporary and historical practices with critical and theoretical themes. These provide a context which encourages questioning, developing, or radically shifting your approach to content, materiality, and their expression in practice.

The value of group discussion is that it fosters a greater understanding and respect for the work of peers and offers a diversity of commentary rather than only that of the teacher/lecturer.  Julia’s role in the group discussions is as a moderator and guide in developing a valuable rather than destructive critical voice.  By working in a group, sustained support from peers, and collaborative engagement is fostered.



One-on-one consultations are a useful way to lay the ground for an ongoing exploratory engagement through workshops and group discussion.   It is also ideal for those who wish for a focused and in-depth reflection on their creative development but do not wish to participate in group discussion.

These focus on current (and past) works, providing support and insight into those challenging crossroads that are inevitable in a sustained practice.  These can be held at your studio, or at Julia’s studio in Observatory.

Times: Tuesday 10am – 1pm

               Sunday 11am – 3pm

               Alternative times can be negotiated.

Fees: 1 hour @ R550.  Additional R150 per 20 minutes overtime.



These are specifically offered to those who need time out from their practice to refresh, reset, and ‘rewild’ their creative practices.  The outcome does not necessarily entail a complete departure from established practice but invigorates and shifts stubborn perimeters that impede creative progress. 

The workshops will run from 9am – 5pm for five days.  The workshop programme is available on request. The workshops are limited to 8 participants.

Dates: 5-10 October 2024 or 11-15 October 2024 (depending on uptake).

Fees: R5500.00 (including morning and afternoon tea and lunch).

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