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Drawing from life

The cost for this weekly class is

R 3900 per person per 10 week term.

Class is onThursday morning from

9 am - 12 pm for ten consecutive weeks. A pro-rata rate of R 440 per class is available for people who can't make a full term.


InSitu, 1st floor, 3 Hopkins Street. Salt River.

Third Term (10 weeks)

Thursday: 01/08 - 06/10

Second Term (10 weeks)

Thursday: 17/10 - 19/12

This is a class for people wanting to gain drawing experience, practice hand eye coordination with a view to understanding how to translate complex forms in 3 dimensional space onto the 2 dimensional page. In addition to an emphasis on mastering the 'craft' of drawing, I provide provocations with each session with the aim of exploring meaning, with drawing as the vehicle, whether through composition, mark making, or in terms of the scene that's laid out.  

There are qualities in drawing that one can only achieve when observing from life, and the time limit involved is a great way to challenge one into new ways of solving old problems.  This course is a recent addition in response to popular demand, and the examples above are quick sketches from the drawing room. All poses are set up with a view to allowing multiple exciting avenues engagement.

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