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Figure Sculpting Workshop

The cost for this workshop is

R 4400 per person.

Class is on Tuesday and Thursday evenings  from 6 pm - 9 pm for four consecutive weeks, meaning a total of 8 sessions and 24 hours with the model. This fee includes wax based Ball clay and armature. (R5000 if working at a larger scale)


This event takes place at InSitu Studio, 

1st floor, 3 Hopkins Street. Salt River.

From the foundation of a firm belief in good craftsmanship and the value of working from life, Untitled presents another in this ongoing series of courses in sculpting the human figure. The workshop is open to those with nothing more than the desire to create, all the way to seasoned sculptors who appreciate the opportunity to work from life and the ease of doing so that the course provides. The fact of combining practitioners of a broad range of skills creates a very dynamic environment and means that one has as much to learn from other participants as one does from the model and the personal instruction you'll have access to. 


This workshop focuses on modeling in ball & ceramic clay with the intention of engaging the human body creatively in art-making and self-expression but draws on their extensive resources so that those wanting to take their works further through molding and casting are well placed to do so.

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